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2005-02-19, 8:40 p.m.

Wowsa. Wowsa.
After being sick w/ the flu all week I went to see harley last night. He was at work and I was supposed to buy tickets to sl!nging !nk (! so that it can't be googled) convention and pick up some screens. Anyhow I forgot to do all of that. He asked if I would hang w/ him after he got out of work, and I said that I would.
I went back to [email protected] K at about 12:30am. We went back to Calista's house. He is currently staying w/ her. We smoked and I met her and she is a darling! Then we went to a gay bar. Had some time there...I had to have calista remove a guy from harley's attention. He was so chatty and wouldn't leave him alone, and I wanted to talk to him. She grabbed the guy away and said to me, "Go get 'em tiger! RrrrRR!"
ON the basic end, we enjoy a lot of the same things and it's ever so cool. He's a scorpio (nummmy yummmy!) and his smile is magnetic. He has the sides of his head almost shaved off, a mohawk strip 4 in wide on top that he pulls back. He has a Pan (as in the goat creature) like beard. Huge 00g hoops hanging on his ear lobes.
Later we went back to the house, calista wanted to sleep. He and I stood outside on the balcony making out. It was incredible. It was something that I have not ever experienced before. When he and I tried to talk about it, we were both shy becuase we didn't want to sound like we were using some sort of lame line on each other. But we both were in the same place. It was absolutly intense to kiss and just hold one another. When he said that it moved him to tears, I let out a deep sigh, becuase I was too.
I was so dizzy and I saw things. No this isn't some kidn of dreamy girly nonsense. THis isn't some sort of "well you know I'm a witch so these things happen to me." kind of bull crap. This isn't who I am. I tried so hard to keep a distance from him (I still am) because it makes me feel like I am falling down a well. I don't want these things. I am out to have a good time. I am out to sow my wild oats! Why the hell did he come along??
But I can't deny the magic that I felt. I can't deny the things the images that flashed through my head. It's as if I saw everything. I am hesitant to say what I saw. Why? Partly it seems so friggin silly!!! Another part of me figures, well if it isn't silly...why jinx it.
But it was there.
But why the hell him? I mean, it would be so much easier if I fall for only the really quality prospects out there. He's 28, works at [email protected] K (local hippie/head shop) doesn't own a car, staying w/ calista, no education (that I know of), zero money (not that money matters, but hey, I don't need to be supporting anyone else ever...well except my kitties), I don't even know if he has any goals!
I want to prattle on like a silly school girl about how great he is. But part of me knows me....just as you probably know me. I am fickle. Fickle as the day is long. I gain and lose interest in everyone everyday.
he called me this evening to tell me that he was sorry for being so fwd last night. That he want's to take it really slow and get to know everything about me. That he really respected the fact that I would not let him into my pants. That I am worth waiting for becuase he knows it will be incredibly special.
please don't puke on your keyboard. I know it is goo. Gawd! I try to avoid goo.
(as a side note, I ended up in bed w/ him and calista last night...we spent quite a while cuddling and stroking and such. NOthing really really happend though. Calista and I are both getting over the flu. But it was delicious to touch a woman again!)

IN other news, bought a new vacuum today. Got my tax return and I am doing only sensible things. BLEH! *Gag* New vacuum rocks. Picked up tons and tons, and I paid a LOT less than I anticipated.
Earl traded some games in for a new one today. He's playing it now. He and I have been lovey dovey cuddly today. I tell him not to be jelous of harley because harley is perhaps a 28 year old version of earl. They look alike too. He's gonna meet him tonight and I know they will like each other a lot. Also, calista is really really easy. I figure earl has a shot at her ;-)

Off I go. didn't sleep last night. Got home at 7am. Had a total of 3 hours sleep today. Feel great though.

seeeeee ya

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